Has Anyone Been to the People’s Media Center?

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It looks like they recently got a new paint job. The media center is located on Georgia Ave. just south of Upshur. Apparently it is an internet cafe among other things but it always seems to be closed when I walk by. So has anyone been here or no what the deal is?

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  • Omygawd!! Isn’t this the former home of that great star of Petworth, the Foxy Playground? For those of you who weren’t here when that thing operated, it was, well, you can imagine. I had heard that the owner or operator was a Moroccan dude, which may explain the Arabic lettering I’ve seen in the various reincarnations of the site.

  • It used to say “Ahwa al-Fishawy’s” (Fishawy’s Coffeeshop) in English and Arabic until recently. I thought this was awesome, because Fishawy’s is a famous coffeeshop in Cairo (where I used to live). I was wondering what happened to that sign. I kindof wanted it.

    I only see the PMC open for special events every couple weeks. You can always tell when they’re having events because I start seeing lost punkrawk teenagers in fishnets and chucks wandering around the neighborhood. Never actually been inside. Sassy new paint job though. A+.

  • This place has a long way to go before it will become an attraction in Petworth. I walk by it all the time and it certainly isn’t too inviting (i.e., it’s dirty and cluttered and needs some major renovations to make it comfortable).

  • from PoP’s blog:

    Toby Says:

    January 11th, 2008 at 6:20 pm
    Whatever happened to Petworth

  • Toby – Please tell us more about the Foxy Playground. Is it anything like the House on GA Ave at Otis Pl?

  • there are a lot of computers for people to use inside and its also the home of the dc radio coop. http://dcradiocoop.org/

    its a fun show space too, i certainly feel ‘comfortable’ there already.

  • I only know that the Foxy Playground was a strip club that attracted all kinds of riff-raff and that local types wanted it closed. I would go to the Shell nearby and get gas and various low-lifes would be using the pay phones (yes, this was a while ago). I don’t know about the House on GA and Otis.

  • there is free internet nearby at the petworth library….

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