Garden of the Day

IMG_8371, originally uploaded by Prince of Petworth.

It’s all about levels and containment. Well, levels, containment and plastics but mostly levels.

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  • AHHHHHHHHHHHHH………I can’t believe this is the garden of the day! I walk by this every day on my home and it has taken them nearly a year to complete this garden (still working on sidewalk). The length of time to complete this has become such a joke that I would text my friend who is a landscape designer with weekly updates….

  • Hey- being a non talented home owner with about a billion other tasks competing for my time, I give these people huge kudos for getting this done- no matter how long it took them! I was proud of myself for spreading mulch a couple of weekends ago- AND for pulling some long over due weeds this weekend 🙂 I can’t imagine building/creating levels and hauling slabs of rock here and there.

  • Parkwood…they hired a landscaper…the sign for the landscaping company is hanging on the fence…which is why the conversations with my landscape design friend started…I wanted to know how long something like that should take.

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