Door of the Day – With A Bonus Bizarre Interaction

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I really do like this door. But enough about the door. From time time when I’m taking photos of homes the owner will walk up to me and say “hey what’s up?” so I just say you know, I really like their door, decoration whatever, and normally they are like cool or fairly indifferent. When I took a photo of this door, two young ladies who lived here came up behind me and asked what was I doing in an understandably puzzled voice. So I replied that I was taking a picture of their door, and asked jokingly – hadn’t they heard of door of the day? And instead of the normal chuckle or indifference one of them looks at me with almost disgust but certainly with contempt and says – “and you get paid for that!”. Ha! What a bizarre reaction, right?

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  • It’s funny how so many people assume everything is for a buck. She probably couldn’t comprehend why you would have a blog if you didn’t make money at it. Keep up the hard work, I enjoy the blog.

  • you should have punched her in the neck meat…

  • I used to get that a lot when I was in college and wrote articles. I truly believe that certain kinds of stereotypical women view that men MUST have a high paying job and refused to believe that men might have an artistic side. As I said, I used to catch hell from the ladies for being a magazine writer because I’d get paid, you know, like $150 for an article.

  • I think a misogynist might stereotype women like that considering men could just as easily be stereotyped as thinking that men should make a lot of money. And as for the artistic abilities in men, why would women be shocked at this? Aren

  • Anonymous, you have no freaking clue what you’re talking about. I have a personal history with ONLY women commenting on my freelance writing career in those terms. POP has ONLY interacted with women on this issue. You say the problem is a man’s issue?!

    Rush Limbaugh couldn’t twist the facts better.

  • I agree with anonymous: “certain kinds of stereotypical women”… say what you mean dcer. and you did read a lot into the interaction: why is it even a gender related comment? maybe that’s why the misogyny inference was formed.

  • dcer, you are so quick to write off anyone that goes against you as not having a clue… this is the second time in recent posts that ive seen you jump someones shit for calling you out on some nonsense… you really need to chill out. youre not the only person in petworth who has an opinion on life or the way it works, and you certainly are not the be all end all on absolute knowledge of it.

  • DCer, I did not say that women do not do or say these things, but what makes the view that men Must have high paying jobs stereotypically a woman thing? I think men think this as well is all I was saying. Making women the stereotype of something which you portray as so ugly is a misogynistic thing to say.

    And perhaps only women comment on your writing because you happen to piss them off so easily with your stereotyping them in negative ways in which sound as if women are the only ones who can be stereotyped this way.

  • You should have some stock responses ready for situations like that. Here are a few:

    “I’m allergic to Soviets!”
    “Call the Prince of Petworth–I just saw a deer walk into this house!”
    “Do you live here? I’m here to fix the iron maiden.”

    Hope these help.

  • and +1 on the “neck meat” comment.

  • ah, it sounds like she is jealous. not everyone has such an awesome occupation.

  • Jesus Crisis…great name! +2

  • I do not enjoy being called a misogynist online and reacted accordingly. I believe that there are zeitgeist beliefs and attitudes that are related to people’s position in life that are true and it’s not an “ism” or “ist” to bring them up. It’s no more wrong to talk about Southern Evangelical attitudes, or personality traits of kids who don’t have fathers at home, than it is to talk about certain stereotypical women. I doubt people would be up in arms if I described attitudes specific to suburban frat boys or Texas Republicans.

    I dated a handful of women, and was friends with many more, who were very demanding about money and after about age 22 or so, refused to get involved with women who had such hang-ups. These included women who were otherwise strong third wave feminists, Dworkinites, etc, though the stereotype is of the future Edie McClurg pre-yuppie woman. This personality trait is philosophically akin to the man with the “no fat chicks” t-shirt. This is definitely the entire theme of the TV show “Sex In The City,” and particularly Cynthia Nixon’s character adn her relationship to her bartender boyfriend. I don’t know of any punk rock boys who didn’t, at one time, date a woman who thought they were dangerous and have the relationship end over his future earning potential, usually under the guise that his career “is going nowhere.”

    I have never met a man who told me he broke up with a woman because she didn’t make enough money. My friend’s wife divorced him and told me it was because he didn’t make enough money, he was a music/entertainment attorney, and she married a Foxhall millionaire attorney.

    It’s something my wife and I talked about at such length, concerning so many of our acquaintances, that I thought everyone in DC was aware of this as a personality type.

  • puhleeze with your stereotypical old school dc punk scene constantly reminding others of it baloney. oh- i thought everyone was aware of THIS as a personality type.


  • Well, not to get back to the original post or nothing, but I got two words for you PoP: Business cards! It makes you “seem” more legitimate when people question your picture taking. You can get free ones online.

  • Poor PoP… I guess what you’re hoping is that every woman in the hood is a secret fan! We’ll get there!

  • Again DCer fails to really read and comprehend. Seeing as I again had to restate the fact that I didn’t call DCer a misogynist because of the whole making women out to be stereotypical for thinking men should make a lot of money but that its misogynistic for only making it a cheap shot only about women when in fact men think this same thing… I hate to point out that it is probably more often a male thought that men should make more money considering all the men who still think they should be the sole bread winners. And the whole idea can probably be traced back to a man… Also, the way you used the word feminist was stereotypical as well considering anyone who is for women having rights is a feminist.

    And apparently DCer you can dish it but you just can’t take it….

    This is from the post about the Giant possibly going on. Looks to me like you owe someone an apology…

    DCer Says:

    March 31st, 2008 at 10:06 am
    columbia heights is becoming filled with yuppy b!tches that are bringing in a whole sense of entitlement, imo

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