More Volunteers Doing Great Work This Weekend

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In addition to global youth day, Saturday I also saw folks from Hands on DC working in and around the home of the Clerks, Cardozo High School. Pictured above some folks from Deloitte were volunteering on a peace garden. Deloitte has a contingent of 45 volunteers who call themselves “the labor party” although one member emphasized that it was a literal designation not a political one. Well, whatever is it was really amazing to see so many people working together on such a great cause. Other volunteers cleaned the perimeter, painted inside and did some mulching among other tasks. In addition to Cardozo, Hands on DC provided approximately 2000 volunteers working in 26 other public DC schools. Right on. My faith in humanity has been restored for a couple of weeks. Check out some more photos of their good work after the jump.


You have to respect the push mower on an 80 degree day.


More benefits to the garden.


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  • So sad that this is the only way city property gets maintained. I wish there were groups that would jump on the City Parks like this. They have the potential to be really nice. The reality is they seem to be over grown, havens for rats and full of litter. I know the city renovated at park in Petworth recently – I was struck be the fact that there are no living things in it – all seems to be plastic.

  • how can neighbors be involved?

  • To get involved with hands on dc, check out our website and sign up to be on our mailing list. We start prepping in October for our April event. If you just want to bring a team to the work-a-thon, we start signing up teams around February! Thanks for the good words!

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