Lawn Decoration of the Day

IMG_7644, originally uploaded by Prince of Petworth.

There is an awful lot going on here. Water, trinkets, rocks…just soak it all in and don’t think too deeply on it.

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  • this is my favorite garden in the city! i especially love the little mirrors in the fountain.

  • I walk past that one pretty regularly, too. Here’s another view of it.

  • The weird thing is- that house is for sale. I really don’t understand why the realtor doesn’t try to neutralize the curb appeal a bit. And all of the buckets/milk crates fill of soil everywhere?? I figured they were bulbs, but now there are random annuals planted in them, which for me- isn’t really dressing them up much.

    I love all the little figurines and not-quite-fully-realized gardening inspirations going on though.

  • Reminds me of my Granny. Lovable and eccentric.

  • it always smells like woodsmoke around that corner

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