I’ve Never Wanted a Vespa Before

IMG_7880, originally uploaded by Prince of Petworth.

But this one is sweet. Is that leather? I should’ve checked the license plate on this one because I’m fairly certain it may be say the “assman”…

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  • is it just the angle of the photo cause it looks like it is totall blocking the sidewalk. cute but rude.

  • yeah, what the hell… this reminds me of the people that park their cars sideways across 2 spaces so noone parks near them… ugh. that vespa is just asking… no, begging to be kicked over….muhahahahaha!!

  • Before you bag on scooters parking on the sidewalk, take a good look at the picture and see if you can figure out why you see so many of them parked on the sidewalk.

    *DC has no lockable motorcycle parking*.

    So while it’s easy to find parking on the street, scooters get lifted all the damned time. I’ve had both meter maids as well as cops tell me to park on the sidewalk and lock it up. And these thefts are rarely pursued by the police and they are rarely recovered. Unlocked scooters are invitations for theives. Do you really want to be a neighborhood where there are a lot of unlocked scooters on the street?

    So if you want to go kick them over, cristobal, you’re missing the point. Every scooter on the road is one less car you’re fighting for a parking space with, as well as reduced fuel consumption, traffic, and emissions. And every locked scooter is a little less attractive to would-be thieves.

  • im not saying that i would kick it over… but i would think twice about it 😉 and thats because of the way its parked, not where its parked… about a foot from the pole, with the tail of it sticking out into the middle of the sidewalk. this person parked like an egocentric ass, and thats what would piss most people off i think.

    also, if its so easy to pick up and steal, why wouldnt you pull it up onto your porch and lock it up there?

  • hmm….well if it is safer for automobiles to be on the sidewalk…I guess I should start parking my car on the sidewalk too. You know, since it is so common for the mirrors to get smashed off in DC. If it makes my life more convenient who cares about everyone else right? What people can’t walk around my car? Lazy asses! Don’t you dare kick my car over Cristobal!

    I agree with Cristobal. I think parking your Vespa across the sidewalk is silly and well, rude. I would never live in a city and buy transportation that I couldn’t find a convenient place to park it… Tons of people use the sidewalks including people with strollers, what is mom supposed to man handle her child off the curb and back up it? Or maybe some young kids playing on their tricycles can just get in the street and dodge traffic? I’m sure my grandma will just lift her grocery basket down and around the Vespa. RUDE RUDE RUDE!!!

    Also, how about getting a longer chain and parking the thing on the street with the chain to the pole? Seems like a better solution than the one they have now.

  • > Also, how about getting a longer chain and parking the thing on the street with the chain to the pole? Seems like a better solution than the one they have now.

    Seems like they might be able to do this already.

  • Or at least squeeze it in between the curb and the signpost.

  • Regardless of the parking issue, I have always wanted one. Someday…

  • Everyone always wants these trendy vespas. Pfft.

    I have a pimp 15 year old honda elite. Hells yeah

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