I Love The Contrast

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I think I may have posted a similar photo a month or so back but this is a new angle and it just knocks my socks off every time I notice the contrast. It looks like a post card doesn’t it? Whenever anyone talks shit about DC again I’m just going to send them this photo.

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  • I’ve tried to take this photo so many times, but I haven’t been able to quite get the angle you got here. Are you 10 feet tall man?! Good work.

  • those fugly condos are the reason to talk shit about dc

  • The condo is beautiful and must have awesome views. And, as pointed out by Chris, it is actually a bit difficult to see in reality, so its not over powering at all.

  • beautiful.

  • I don’t understand how you could call those condo’s fugly. There are lots of fugly buildings here, but these don’t come close to, for instance, the terrible 1970s square brick box across the street from my apartment.

  • umm, yeah, that was me. not sure why I’m not signed in. and while I’m commenting again:

    how overbearing would this be if the condo building was not chic and modern. and that is coming from a pretty traditionalist guy.

  • I love that building.

  • I live in a row house on that block (Florida between 14th and 15th) and recently checked out one of those condos for kicks. I don’t usually like lofts but the views were just remarkable.

  • Knocks my socks off as well. What condos are these?

  • City View, I think. Not as creatively named as they are aesthetic.

  • I kind of like the contrast. I think the glass makes it less obtrusive than some of the other new structures around the city.

    Things always change…otherwise, we’d still be living in wooden one-room shacks…oh wait…some of us unfortunately do.

  • That’s a great photo- nice work!

    not the same city i grew up in anymore: Interesting name- I was have a conversation the other day with my sister who is back living in Seattle where we both grew up. She said something about how Seattle just isn’t the same anymore etc- complaining about something or other.

    It made me appreciated how my perspective of DC is completely shaped by the fact that I didn’t grow up here. I love it here (most days). The change, the development, the preservation- its all exciting. It doesn’t break my heart that things aren’t the way they used to be because I didn’t know it back then. It helps me to appreciate change in my own home town too. Some change is great- in fact, a lot of it is! …of course some is pretty bad too, but you’ve got to take the bad with the good. I put those condos in the good category.

  • my house is in that picture! i never even notice the condos when i’m walking home, i’m too excited by the bright blue house. and all of the gardens. lots of green thumbs on this stretch of florida ave.

  • I love that I don’t have to be able to afford it in order to really enjoy it. So light and uplifting. So politely sexy. It makes living the good life (vicariously) so easy. My Own Private Condo.

  • I think its beautiful. I just got back from NYC this weekend and boy did I miss DC and its short buildings and quiet streets! It was so overwhelming to go back to NYC after having been down here for the last few years. It was dirty, loud, busy, and very crowded. People don’t walk on the right sides of the sidewalks and the metro system is just so dirty and confusing compared to ours. Don’t get me wrong, I had a great time in NYC and I love going there, but it was so great pulling into DC on the Chinatown Bus and seeing home again!

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