A Little Friday Fun

Every now and then I forget just how funny the Onion newspaper can be. My faith was restored when I saw the April 3rd Edition.

You have to read the story titled Report: Nation’s Gentrified Neighborhoods Threatened by Aristocratization. It is hilarious and below is an excerpt:

“According to a report released Tuesday by the Brookings Institution, a Washington-based think tank, the recent influx of exceedingly affluent powder-wigged aristocrats into the nation’s gentrified urban areas is pushing out young white professionals, some of whom have lived in these neighborhoods for as many as seven years.”

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  • my all-time favorite was the edition with a giant picture of president clinton with his hands up, with the caption: ‘PRESIDENT FEELS YOUR PAIN, BREASTS’!

  • My favorite was the one about spring coming to college campuses. The closing line was quoting a lesbian looking around the perky campus, biting her pointer knuckle in joyous anticipation.

  • ah, I love that one with clinton.
    though the “what do you think” column used to be funnier.

    I wonder what the “area man” is up to these days.

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