What are Your Thoughts on Subterranean Patios?

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Is it a pleasant place to hang out when you are underground and people are walking by you overhead on the sidewalk? Would that be weird?

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  • Well I have one, and it’s pretty awesome because my terrace apartment is more affordable and has two patios. Mine is pretty private though, there is a garden that you’d have to climb through to peek in at me. And it allows me to have an (illegal) grill, which is perfect for summer city apartment living.

  • It’s cool because it solves the ‘windows at street level’ privacy problem. The below grade units allow those above them to be 6-8’ front street grade, allowing both levels to be off the direct sight-line of sidewalk passerbys.

    I know the mantra has been “street level retail with residential above! Street level retail with residential above…”, but with the new, behemoth Target, Bed Bath, Kenyon, Highland, etc, and all of the older business fronts on 14th and 11th Sts, CH has a serious glut of older street level retail that will need remedy. I’m not suggesting that we tear down old buildings, but I worry about their viability, especially the crumbling facades between Park Road and Taylor Streets. I’m no expert, but building the Allegro with this below-above grade residential configuration (and without ground-floor retail) would have been a smarter implementation for this area.

  • This obviously only works in neigbourhoods where the people are decent enough not to throw trash into your patio / giant garbage can. I think if it is along an often walked path you will get trash and probably the occasional college student ralphing on your grill.

  • im not that into it.

  • One of these units in this same building used to have a jacuzzi on their subterranean patio. I never saw anyone in it, but thought that would be really strange to be hanging out in the tub with people walking above you. I haven’t been by lately, so I don’t know if it is still there.

  • I would kill for any sort of outdoor space to call my own….

  • I like it! Lots of vines on the fence, or like they do in Southern Europe, add a layer of some tan bamboo–like fence on the inside so no curious people will peek in when you’re enjoying a lovely dinner on a summer night.

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