My Own Cherry Blossom Festival

IMG_7639, originally uploaded by Prince of Petworth.

This mini weeping cherry tree may look a little sad, but it is the only thing in five years that I have successfully planted. So rejoice with me. What’s the most successful thing that you’ve been able to plant?

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  • Let’s see..that would be my ass on the couch.

  • Heads up on those weeping cherries: they grow fast, and they grow big. In a few years you’re going to have a beautiful tree back there.

  • I went to a Casey Trees seminar and am receiving a free shade tree (pick up next Sat) as a free gift for having attended!

  • That is quite beautiful. I saw two on 13th street today in a front yard. I planted a dwarf peach tree with the neighbor kids in fall of 2006 when my husband was ill and house-bound. We were told that it wouldn’t bear fruit for several years. Much to our surprise in the spring it had flowers and by the summer my husband was well enough to go into the back yard to pick the baby peaches (about a dozen) that it gave us. He’s the green thumb so it was great to see something I planted do so well.

  • yay, glad to hear someone is getting a free tree from Casey Trees. I also noticed that anyone can get a $50 rebate from Casey Trees for planting a shade tree in their yard. A good deal!

  • I put a full-shaped redbud in my front yard that has been a joy. Look for it blooming soon not far from the blue house that is only a facade.

  • I have a (I think) dead Dogwood in my yard and no clue what to do to revive or remove it. Going to google casey trees….

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