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  • If you are ever on T street bw 19th and 20th, check out the carriage house in the alley. You can see it from the street. I heard a rumor once that it was owned and renovated by Oprah’s designer. Whoever owns it, though, did an amazing job. Copper roof, topiaries, lights – it’s more impressive than many of the homes on the street.

  • If I remember correctly, this place was on the market about a year or so ago for a hefty sum. I think they put in fancy kitchen appliances, etc. But it’s sort of a wierd set-up for the most expensive house on the block, imho.

  • yeah this one has been empty for almost two years now. It makes me sad cause it’s such a nice little house!

  • i made an offer on one of the units in the main house and had it under contract for a year while they finished up the work….unfortunately, the owner passed away during that time and the carriage house plus 4 units are now sitting, unfinished. the carriage house has an amazing roof deck, the renovations are ok though, a little too over the top for my taste. they were asking for like 600k for the carriage house last year. now that the owner passed away, i’m not sure what the plans are. i was really bummed to let go of that unit. if you look on the other side of the carriage house, it looks like a car crashed into it. i just passed by there last weekend.

  • a car did crash into the unit about 4-5 months ago, on the side facing rock creed church road. it took out a huge doorway and a bunch of the brick and remains unfixed.

  • Not just any car… A police cruiser crashed into it during a chase a few months back.

    I went into this carriage house during their open house. Once inside, I verbalized my initial reaction by saying “What the hell is this??” to the realtor. He responded proudly by saying “It’s the Ultimate-Party-House!” I shook my head and walked out…

    The developer made a mess out of the main house. The units are horribly planned and some of the units don’t meet some of the basic building codes. I don’t know how they passed inspection.

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