First Solar Powered Condos in DC For Sale In Columbia Heights

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These condos are located at 1337 Harvard St. and the first open house will be this Sunday. Prices range from $499k to $650k. So what do you think about Solar Powered Condos? Are we going to see many more of these? Would you buy this condo over one nearby because of the Solar Power?

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  • Sure! Then I could brag about how my carbon footprint is smaller than everyone else’s on my street!

  • I would definitely see that as an advantage (assuming that they didn’t just try to jack up the prices by throwing some PV panels on the roof). I hope there will be more, so that eventually the quantities of scale will bring the start up costs of residential solar energy down. I really those condos are completely solar, but it’s a nice start. From reading the description, it seems like all of the other “green” features are things that anyone could/should do to their home over time. The thing about the motion sensors with CF light bulbs: as far as I know, CFL’s don’t work on dimmers, timers or motion sensors….

  • not at those prices

  • Spending that kind of money I’d probably opt to buy a whole house (fixer upper…) but the solar power addition is pretty cool.

  • The condo fees are ridiculously low though…

  • I wish it’d say what was solar powered.
    In Japan, there are new housing developments where, though more than a non-solar house, the new houses have solar electric panels to power the house, and if there is excess electricity, it gets “sold back” into the power grid, so that some homeowners actually make money from the electric company instead of the other way around.
    Will we see something like this here any time soon? Doubt it. But this condo building is a start.

  • That does happen here dk, at least in homes. I don’t know that much about it, but I went to a presentation from someone who has solar panels on his townhome (in Petworth). When he produces more energy than necessary, he sells it back into the powergrid. He can also sell renewable energy credits to the power company. Maybe someone who does this can provide more information.

  • It’s kind of gimmicky — I love that they’re *bragging* about the low-flow showerheads. Tankless water heaters and dual flush toilets are great features though.

  • if it doesnt say there is an array of PV then it must just be solar power bought from Pepco Energy Services, Inc.

    I seem to remember other developers doing the same thing before with Wind Power which is even better.

  • dk…that is how all solar works. It goes into the grid, and your dial goes backward – unless you have a battery. Its that way in all 50 states.

  • This is all BS, all of the “green” stuff they put in there cost less than $5K a unit and they are charging an arm and a leg. This is just a gimick to get their units sold in a tough market

  • I guess I’m just old school and only remember the days when we had a solar water heater panel.

  • Ugh, “low flow” showerheads are awful. Particularly in winter. I don’t care how eco-fiendly they are, a reasonable amount of pressure in my morning shower is not something I’m willing to compromise on.

  • It’s a great idea. I’ve just bought a much more modest condo in DC and am wondering whether I can convert to solar. The roof is flat, and I should be able to put some solar panels on top of my AC equipment. PEPCO has raised its rates twice this year already. It’s just gotten ridiculous what electricity costs.

  • As a footnote: It’s just terrible to see DC’s magnificent old homes turned into these shitty condos. I bought a place that is in a rehabed apartment building.

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