Someone Finally Let Me Photograph Their Vestibule!

IMG_6497, originally uploaded by Prince of Petworth.

I was admiring this house when the owner walks up with a couple of cups of coffee. He naturally looks at me as though I am slightly insane but fortunately I have become used to that look. At any rate, I ask him if he minds if I photograph his vestibule. Without hesitation he says sure no problem. So I walk up his walkway towards the door and he says “woah, where’s the vestibule?”. Ha! That is beautiful. I show him the area with the dope sky tiling. Truth be known I wouldn’t know what a vestibule was if I wasn’t a stock boy in my youth at Richmindway (the CVS of my town) and often told to sweep the vestibule. The first time I was told to sweep a vestibule I’m sure I had a look on my face similar to the one the owner of this house had. But anyway, this tiling is ridiculous no? Whoever else has a sweet vestibule send me a photo. For some reason I just can’t get enough of these. Can you tell how cool this tiling is?

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  • I absolutely agree and wish our house had a vestibule. I especially like the tiles. There are so many cool touches on the original Petworth rowhouses built in the 20s, including these types of vestibules, the original fireplaces (don’t have one) with carved wooden mantles, the woodwork around rooms, the staircases, the hardwood floors, the hexagonal shaped white bathroom tiles, etc. I love some of the new renovations I’ve seen in some spectatcular houses, but the old details are wonderful.

  • A friend of mine in Shaw framed in a new vestibule/mudroom. It’s got good thermal properties in the winter, and good Feng Shui all year round: a little buffer between you and the cruel world outside. Plus, you can hang your coats there. And who doesn’t have 10 square feet to spare?

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