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I love these Mediterranean style roofs. Do they work as well as other style roofs? How come we don’t see more of these?

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  • “How come we don’t see more of these?”

    Because they are expensive!

  • We don’t see more because they really don’t work with the prevailing architectural style of the area. But when I lived in Miami, they were all over. I like them too.

  • California has them all over as well. Even at run of the mill tract subdivisions, at all price points every house will have them. I think they make a nice contrast. After the spanish-american war — all things spanish became “in” in the U.S. and so these styles spread as part of the neo-historicism that was popular in the 1920s. They are pretty prevalent in DC too, especially in Petworth it seems. But the development patterns of Petworth would put the style in vogue about the time that Cafritz and others were building in Petworth.

  • My house has the terracotta shingles like this house on the pictures.
    Unfortunately, there are 4 or five shingles are missing.
    Any tips in replacing them?

  • Jason-
    I’d check the Brass Knob Backdoor warehouse at 1st & NY, NW. I wouldn’t be surprised if they had a few salvaged shingles in the back yard.

    On some houses, the shingles are only made to look like terracotta, but are actually made of galvanized steel. This is especially true in the “newer” neighborhoods north of Columbia Heights.

  • Thank you Kevin.
    I will check Brass Knob Backdoor warehouse.

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