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  • Thank you! Although I can’t take credit for it – the building was redeveloped before my neighbors and I bought it. Our yard needs some work.

  • I love this house. It is proof that an addition can be good!

    (If you walk over a block to 11th there is a popup in the works on the west side of the street just north of Otis. I have no idea how it will come out but the two sets of windows on the top floor have me skeptical right now.)

  • My dad gave me a stack of old Old House Journals. The journals included historic excerpts criticising mansard roofs. Mansard roofs were popping up all over the place — and this was almost a century ago. This one looks lovely! Would it be so expensive to build this way in 2008?

  • i would agree

  • @bogfrog: My hometown in illinois thought Mansard roofs were garish and low class. They banned them outright. There was also very little victorian architecture too. They continued to build Greek Revival to after the turn of the century. (This is why I just think that debates about particular style are sort of ridiculous and fussy. What matters is scale, proportion and good design — not taste. But that’s another issue.)

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