Isn’t This Another Sign of the Apocalypse?

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Here is a Caribou Coffee location that closed down in Adams Morgan. Has anyone ever seen a Caribou Coffee close before? Aren’t the independent stores supposed to be the ones that close? Not that I’m wishing for that. I just hope the corporation is going to be alright…

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  • First the KFC now the Caibou.
    I guess Caribou couldn’t compete with the Starbucks up the street. I mean, how many $3.00+-a-cup coffee places does one neighborhood need? The KFC was probably beat down by the Popeye’s up Columbia and the Granja de Oro (the best chicken in DC!)down the street. The good thing is that the space Caribou occupied is too small to be another trendy bar/club.

    That leaves two unoccupied retail spaces on either side of that alley leading to those condos off 18th. Has the gilt on the lily that is Adams Morgan finally wearing thin? Whither now young gentry?

  • The empty space by across the alley (which used to house DC/CD) remaind a mystery to me.

    It’s a HUGE space (from what I remember of the CD store) with an entrance/foyer area at the front and a big space up some stairs at the back.

    No idea why it’s been sat empty for so long (years and years)

  • The McDonald’s in Cleveland Park shut down YEARS ago and has sat vacant ever since. It’s really quite amazing the number of empty commercial space in this city in such high traffic areas, like Adams Morgan and Cleveland Park. That space on the corner of 18th/Columbia and Adams Mill Rd. used to be a high end women’s clothing store called Daisy, I believe, and has been vacant for years. I worry that about what that means for the store fronts on Georgia Ave.

  • I gotta believe they are also asking for rents that are too high, but if they can’t replace their tenants, then there’s some form of “market failure” going on!

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