Smallest House in the City?

IMG_5808, originally uploaded by Prince of Petworth.

I guess developers were a little more modest back in the day…

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  • i’m in love. where is that?

  • Prince Of Petworth

    That’s actually from the Shaw neighborhood on M Street between 12th and 13th.

  • yeah, you’ve got to give us a block on this one

  • People were smaller back then too..

    But I have to say, I would kinda understand if they wanted to build a PoP-up 3rd floor addition to this one..

  • I’d love to know the history of this cute house! I wonder if this house was built after the bigger buildings around it, filling in an alley or something. It reminds me of another tiny place just south of Logan Circle on Vermont Avenue.

  • I’ve heard those called spite houses – as in, built out of spite against a neighbor and intended to block the neighbor’s light, air, alley, etc. There are a couple in Georgetown – one on P St is for sale and is only about 8 feet wide and BRIGHT purple. A Post article about them generally:

  • I don’t know if if is the case for this house, but if you drive around Columbia Heights, Adams Morgan, etc., you can tell which houses were the servants/slave quarters and which were the “aristocrats'” for lack of a better word. Great examples of the contrast are the houses on Kenyon and Lamont between Sherman and 11th. It is hard to believe it, but there was a time when senators lived across the street from present-day Wonderland on 11th.

  • Oh yes — I looked at a nice condo in the apartment building to the right of this house, behind the tree. Then I looked at the house and thought, “that is my dream house” (as chiclet thought too). The house is no smaller than my house, but the photo/framing provides a great juxtaposition. This is on 13th and M — I was thinking of it as Logan Circle when I looked at the building. Unfortuanately, I mentioned to a realtor that I had seen this nice 1 BR + den condo in “Logan” for

  • Something is wrong with this

  • wow, that is small…i wonder if at some point this house acted as servants’ would be interesting to know the history on the house.

  • my magical realtor skills discovered that it was built in 1920, is about 1000 square feet, had a 2007 tax assessment of over a half-million dollars, sits on .02 acres and has been owned by the same man for at least twenty years.

    it is too adorable!

  • …I’m in love with that house.

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