Florida Grill Located on 11th and Florida Ave NW

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Walk through the door and get ready to be transplanted to 1952, no make that 1982 based on all the amazing photos surrounding this great restaurant. Maybe you are like me and have always known about this place, but have never had a chance to eat there. Let that no longer be an option – this is a must visit restaurant. I had the trout cakes with a side of pickled beets and mashed potatoes with gravy. Mmm, pickled beets and mashed potatoes and gravy… I left so full I thought I was going to explode. On top of the great food, the service was exceptional. These were among the nicest servers I’ve ever encountered in my life.

Perhaps making this experience sublime was spotting a photo of “Michael” from the classic tv show “Good Times”. Yeah that “Good Times”, you know – Keeping your head above water making your way to the top, temporary layoffs…

And if you thought it couldn’t get any better than that: Check out the photo of Councilmember Carol Schwartz circa, I don’t know, 1981?

Go here and go hungry. I only hope they can survive all the development going on around them. Can they?

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  • i think they’ll do more than just survive the development going on around them, since they own the land next door and are developing the condos. check out here and click on about the developer

  • wow–this is by far the coolest restaurant I’ve seen yet in Washington. Did you try the cake? Do they have good 50s diner cake? But heck, the photos alone make my week….

  • Yarg! You beat me to the punch again… I had done a post on this place back when that construction started next door, and I’ve been meaning to do a follow-up.

    Florida Ave. Grill is definitely one of the best meals within walking distance. I’ve only been for breakfast, but I’ve had loads of breakfasts there…. Always the nicest folks, and the best food for the price. And a bit of history in every corner. Solid gold.

  • I have eaten here and love this place. The food is as good as you can get on a “down-home cookin” kind of menu. I agree, the people who work/own/hang-out here are really nice.

  • Don’t forget the “easy credit rip-offs” either, PoP.

  • I’d go back if you could assure me that the dry pork chops have improved in the last 5 years. Great place even if only for the history.

  • It’s now open till 4 a.m. on Friday and Saturday nights, which is nice when most places to eat close between 10-12 midnight.

    Smother me in gravy!

  • I read in a book somewhere that when Dr. King was in D.C., he would go out of his way to eat at this diner. He used to give speeches at the Cardozo H.S. stadium.

  • For the last 3 days, I cannot get that song out of my head. But I thought it said “easy crying rip-offs”. Oh well, I finally added season 1 to my netflix queue.

  • everytime i go, i demand to be seated a close to the ralph carter (michael from “good times”) pic as possible.. i also wear a disguise, in case my cardiologist is lurking about..
    in an often staid, pretentious dining city, the florida ave grill is my walden pond … you know what i mean….

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