Et Tu Red Rocks?

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I am huge fan of Red Rocks pizza. But I was saddened to see, they too had resorted to using a ridiculous sign to promote that they are open for lunch. You’re better than that Red Rocks.

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  • I’m sorry. Maybe I missed something. What’s so ridiculous about this sign?

  • This was my earlier rant. But basically I’d don’t like the flimsy temporariness of these signs.

  • But were they supposed to put up a permanent sign explaining that they are now open for lunch? I’m sure it will come down within the month…at least I hope.

  • Exactly. It is meant to be temporary. Once the neighborhood and patrons know that they are now (always) open for lunch, the sign will come down.

  • And they do want to make sure that people passing by in cars can also see it, so it has to be big and clear. Nothing wrong with it.

  • i wonder what the occupants of the next door rowhouse think….on one hand, it’s awesome to have such a yummy place next door, but it’s like your neighbor is always having a party. might get a little annoying after awhile.

  • I think you are shedding too many tears for the neighbors. The party at Red Rocks ends at midnight. The one next door is just getting started.

    Seriously, they have an agreement with them. Don’t worry about the politics, it’s covered.

    As for the sign, I see no problem here. I go there all the time, and I didn’t even realize they were open for lunch until a few days later. What’s the big deal?

  • is the agreement to let the neighbor’s cat walk on over and jump on tables and such?

    anyone else see the cat that keeps coming around?

  • POP you need to go over to Moroni Bros. Much better pizza!

  • oooh i have to try maroni’s….keep forgetting.

  • It’s no worse than their permanent sign, which looks like it’s been through a hurricane!

  • PoP, slow news day? You can’t really be upset about this, eh? Some of us in Mt P have the same “concerns” that have forced a bodega and even Bank of America to change permanent signage because of color schemes and aesthetics.

  • i don’t think the sign is offensive. however, if it becomes permanent, then i might have a problem with it…

  • Yeah, it’s clearly not meant to be a permanent sign. PoP, you know I support you on the “permanent vinyl sign” issue, but I just don’t see it in this case. Red Rocks wants to advertise that they’re open for lunch, too. Great! But what are they supposed to do–install a permanently affixed custom-crafted wooden sign?

    Move along folks, nothing to see here…

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