Damn, We Have An Awesome Playground

IMG_4407, originally uploaded by Prince of Petworth.

I know I’m way behind the curve on this but I don’t have any kids. At any rate, the new playground on Taylor St. is fantastic, a what lush lawn…

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  • I’ve walked by this playground every day this summer (which apparently is still here as it is still 90 degrees). They had probably at least 10 people working on it every day and it looks fabulous. But other than opening day, I rarely see kids or parents there and I wonder why. It has this thing that sprays water to play in and stuff I’d like to go climb around on. Does anyone know or have any ideas as to why it is always pretty deserted? Do they not let kids play on the grass yet? It was sod and it does look perfect.

  • I do see kids there, but usually in the early evening. My sense is that a lot of parent around here are working during the day and the kids are in day care.

  • I live by the park and see lots of kids and parents there in the afternoon (6 people or so there right now…). I’ve been really happy so far – there are always kids and parents there and so far virtually sketch-free!

  • POP didn’t you mean “Damn _but_ we have an awesome playground”?

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