A Not So Hidden Gem: U Street Farmers Market

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After receiving an email, I decided to check out the U Street Farmers Market again. Boy, am I glad I did. There was an incredible selection of apples, tomatoes and they even had quinces. I don’t think I’ve ever seen a quince before in my life.

Pretty good tomato selection for late October.

Also a great place to get your pumpkins.


I had heard about free range chickens but have you ever heard of free range pork!?

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  • Just about to move to Petworth (on 7th)..curious as to whether there are any moves to try and get a farmers-type market going up near the circles/other? I lived near the Big Bear Cafe but it’s rather dicey except for the market there….

  • The closest one that I know within walking distance of Petworth is the one on Mt. Pleasant. It’s nice, but small.

  • We had free-range pork in my neighborhood in Galveston County whenever the farmer’s fence broke (happened about three times) and his pigs came over to eat my mother’s flowers.

  • Oden, if we ever meet and you’re not wearing a ten gallon hat, some shit kickers, tight wranglers and a cowboy shirt, i’m going to be so sad

  • You’re going to be sad.

    Those pigs were mean sumbitches too… they were the size of solid oak credenzas.

  • Urbanpioneer, first of, you are going to get some **** for that nickname! Please do NOT change it. 🙂

    Second, there used to be some attempt of a farmers market at around the Petworth metro station, but that died off. Perhaps with some of the redevelopments taht will be tried again in the future.

  • The best thing about the U Street market is not necessarily the overpriced Breadline products in general, but their corn muffins in specific are to DIE for — especially for us, the chronically hungover.

  • I disagree. It is a terrible nickname that will make PoP’s recent detractors nod their heads in satisfaction. “Urban Pioneer”, besides sounding a bit fey, is offensive. It suggests, literally, that Petworth is uncharted or unclaimed territory, which it certainly isn’t. Would you call yourself a “Rural Pioneer” if you moved into a small town in Virginia that had been around for a century? ‘Course not. We’d all call you a bumpkin for living there, but you wouldn’t even contemplate using such a term.

    To give you an idea about just how offensive the term is, a real-estate developer in Houston used the term for some downtown townhouses and had to retract it (including covering over a billboard that said “Be an Urban Pioneer!”).

    If a term is too offensive for use in Texas…Houston, we have a problem.

  • To the Urban Pioneer:
    I don’t know how far up 7th you’re moving to but as part of the Kennedy St. revitalization project (all the info is on the DC Office of Planning website) there has been talk of trying to attract a farmers market to Kennedy St.

  • Kera at Domku put in an application with Fresh Farms for a farmers’ market on Upshur, but it was not accepted this time around. It’s my understanding that she plans to try again, but I couldn’t say for sure. Maybe someone with whom she is actually friendly can look into it.

  • Oden, I was being sarcastic. 🙂 Plus, I guess, if one want to get argumentative, I guess “pioneering” is a fairly subjective term. Let him have his feeling. And in any case, I too hope we will soon see a pioneering (hmm..) farmer’s market in Petworthia.

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