This is What A Playground Should Look Like

Playground, originally uploaded by Prince of Petworth.

I was walking through Cleveland Park today when I noticed this nice playground. At this playground there were actually children playing. I was shocked. I had just walked by the playground on 11th and Monroe and all I saw there were men huddled in big groups drinking. Hmm. I think the children of our neighborhoods have just as much a right to play in a playground as do the children of Cleveland Park. So has anyone else noticed the abundance of grown men at the 11th St. playground?

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  • Our sentiments exactly! We recently formed Friends of 16th Street Heights Parks to improve the Hamilton and Upsuhr parks in our neighborhood. We are hosting a community vision session from 10-12 at Emery Recreation Center (2nd floor) come on out and help us vision and plan for improved parks east of rock creek!

  • Oops the community vision session is saturday sept 29 at emery recreation center (GA Ave)! from 10 am-12:00 PM come on out!!

  • Frustrated with the condition of your neighborhood parks? Looking for a way to help improve your neighborhood and your city? Here is your opportunity to tell DPR what you would like to see at your neighborhood parks!

    We are excited to announce that the Friends of the 16th Street Heights Parks will hold a Community Visioning Event on Saturday, September 29th at 10:00am at Emery Recreation Center (5701 Georgia
    Ave). This is a great time to share our community’s vision for Upshur (14th and Arkansas) and Hamilton Parks (13th and Hamilton). There is a new Director at the Department of Parks and Recreation, Clark Ray, and DPR is getting ready to draft the 2009 budget. Let’s make our wants and needs known by coming to
    vision the future of our parks with our neighbors.

    Representatives from DPR and Councilmember Bowser’s office will be in attendance. Bring the whole family. Childcare and a special visioning process just for the children will be available. Lunch provided!

    If you are interested in attending the Visioning Event please RSVP by email.

    These parks have so much potential. Let’s make them the best public spaces they can be. Great for kids, adults, families, and dogs!

  • A dog park is needed in PW. The Slightly Confused Watchdog is sad that she is so far away from anywhere she can run free with her doggie friends.

    DC’s policy (or lack of one) regarding enclosed dog exercise areas is friggin’ appalling. Even backward bumpkin communities in Virginia and Marysnooze have a plethora of dog park areas.

  • that 11th st park is shady….i used to live in one of the rowhouses right across from it on monroe….shootings, fights….lovely place for kids.

  • The 11th and Monroe Park is a disgrace. The city added a fence, but really, that doesn’t change the fundamental character of the park, which is mostly concrete and totally unattractive / unappealing. Ithink if the physical space was more inviting, with really nice play equipment and a lot more grass, it would help KIDS and people who are not out just for drinking reclaim the park. Unfortunately, it seems like every Columbia Heights Park, except for that one, is getting redone over the next few years. Why that has been neglected, I have no idea, but it is a real shame considering there are no other parks or green space nearby. Perhaps the new merchants coming in on 11th will get sick of drunk loiterers and help push the city to invest in the park.

  • i believe the 11th/monnroe park is known as “glass park” to the kids around bc of all the broken bottles. swell.

  • I do like the nice grassy lawn on 11th Street that is metro property — steam vents or something. Most of it is enclosed by a fence but I cleaned up the accessible parts during the neighborhood cleanup.

  • I used to live across the street from the park as well (1104) and once witnessed the World’s Greatest Brick Fight at 11:00 PM on a Sunday night. Imagine 10-15 kids (probably in the 12-15 yr range) heaving bricks, stones, bottles, sticks, etc. at each other for a good 5 minutes.

    There was also a woman who would frequent the park and would either drink too much on a regular basis or didn’t have control over her bladder….it wasn’t uncommon to see her walking around with a large piss stain down the back of her pants.

    Still, there was a family a few doors down that would occasionally take their 3 yr old to the park and I never saw them have any problems.

  • Question: who in government do we contact to lobby for this and other parks to be improved? Is there any hope of having an impact?

  • Stupid question: in brooklyn, you can’t go on a playground unless you’re with a kid. Is it different in DC?

  • Regarding dog parks:
    Please join Muriel Bowser and Clark Ray, Director of DC Department of Parks and Recreation, at the Emery Recreation Center, 5701 Georgia Avenue, NW, on Saturday October 6th, 2007 from 10 AM to 12 noon to discuss the draft dog park regulations introduced earlier this spring. There will also be a discussion about potential sites for dog parks in Ward 4. Please RSVP for this meeting to Kristen Barden, Communications Director for
    Councilmember Bowser at [email protected] or by calling 724-8052.

  • OK, I understand wanting parks to be accessible to kids and not taken over by groups of adults.

    However, “can’t go on a playground” without a kid? Oh, not only no, but hell no. That’s crazy.

  • shouldn’t the parks in DC be uniform throughout the city? are they?

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