14th St. PN Hoffman Construction Finished

And I have to say it looks pretty good. They put some nice benches and chairs out that you can see in the picture. I took the opportunity to take a look at some of the model units for sale. Damn, some of them are pretty sweet. But you will pay for that sweetness prices range to the $500k for two bedrooms. The complex is gigantic but it seemed quite pleasant as I walked through it. So it got me thinking is it worth it to sacrifice size for location? It is pretty fantastic to be located right on 14th St. Thoughts?

Oh, another rumor I heard is that a Trader Joe’s may be going into the retail space of this building. Anyone else heard this rumor or even better can confirm it?

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  • I think the TJ’s rumor is more of an “urban legend”. I may have accidentally contributed to that rumor by once posting something on Columbiaheightsnews.org that it would be fantastic to get a TJ’s in the area. I’ve talked to TJ’s a few times about it, and they always deny it. But maybe they’re just super secretive.

    So being the real estate dork I have recently become, I went to the open house today as well. It made me feel better about my little teeny slice of real estate. Those prices ($390K for a 1 bedroom!!) seem a bit outrageous to me, especially since there really aren’t extra goodies like a work-out room or storage spaces. I highly doubt they’ll sell that entire building at those prices. Just my two cents.

    Now, for my pitch: write to Trader Joe’s and tell them to open on the 14th Street corridor. That dang line snaked all the way around the TJ’s today and out the front door!!!!

  • PN Hoffman is about to announce a major tenant for Union Row (most likely this week), keep an eye out for the press release or check the news section of their web site

  • Over on CH News, they’re talking about bringing an Ellwood Thompson’s to 14th st., and based upon the comments received from the Ellwood people they’re pretty receptive to the idea. Granted, I know nothing about Ellwood’s, but based on the little information that has been shared it sounds like it could be a great addition to the hood.

    I love TJs, and I, too, wish they would open a store closer to our hood…but they haven’t shown much of an inclination to do so. If the developer/community can find another tenant who fills that need and actually 8wants* to be here, I say court them. It’s Trader Joe’s loss.

  • At the Urban Land Institute’s Urban Marketplace on Friday there was talk of Trader Joe’s going in next to Busboy’s and Poets. Maybe this was what they were talking about…

  • Ok, now you guys are getting me all excited again that maybe the TJ’s rumor isn’t an urban legend. Oh, I feel you’re all playing with my emotions. Please please let it be true.

    Ellwood’s would be an awesome addition to the neighborhood. It’s now in the DCUSA’s developers’ hands. Hopefully they’ll make it happen.

  • Trader Joe’s rocks! I’m glad that there is one now in Foggy Bottom but it is a pain to go there. Wish there was one within walking distance…

  • It’s not TJ’s, it will be something really good (from what I’ve been told), but it’s def not TJ’s

  • There are 6 retail spots in Union Row, Rite Aid and CVS are battling it out for one of them, there is also a “concept restaurant”, and the major tenant will be announced shortly (the corner unit next to BB&P)

  • Hmm, a “major tenant”, but not TJs. Something we’re clamoring for, hopefully – maybe a bookstore?

  • “Clamorin’ for”? Hmmm.

    A boot repair and Stetson hat warehouse?

  • I’m gunning for an Applebee’s or Friday’s

  • I think a Taco Bell would be great. If not that, then perhaps a 7-11. Failing all else, I would give spots to BOTH Rite-Aid and CVS. You can never have enough convenience store pharmacies.

  • i have $10 on at least one of the tenants being a bank.

    sorry i missed the walk through. seems like the places are top of the line? how were the units? i also think that there are some owners that have moved in.

  • i spoke with the manager on duty at Trader Joes, West End. he told me TJs plans to open 3 more stores in the District and is currently scouting locations. further, he directed me to their website, on which on can suggest locations for stores….

  • Yes Organic it is, check the CH listserv

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