House of the Week

I love this house. It has a fantastic garden and a really good vibe. It also is located right behind the awful Petworth atrocity going up on N.H. and Upshur so at least you can see what a beautiful house can look like when done properly. Those at work on N.H. and Upshur should take notes…

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  • dont you think they need to paint?

  • I used to think that. But it sort of grew on me. I really think it adds to the character of the house.

  • it totally adds to the ‘whitewash’ look of the house. the yard is well kept, beautiful garden and fence and the house is obviously well taken care of. the whitewash style would look less appealing if the house were not so obviously well taken care of. just my 2 cents. great petworth home.

  • I think they are actually gradually removing the yellow paint and going more natural with it…

  • What IS up with the house at NH and Upshur? I honestly think the “I’ve been abandon for 12 years and burned” look might have been better. Poor house.

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