Washington Post Screws up Big Time

For those of you who get the Post’s print edition, check out the District Extra section. On page 20 they swap Muriel and Renee Bowser’s pictures. So the picture of Muriel is Renee and vice versa. I don’t know how that will effect the election but damn that is a pretty horrible error. I wonder if they really meant to endorse Renee on Sunday but mixed that up too?

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  • If you listen to the Kojo Nnamdi show, during last week’s DC Politics Hour, Harry Jaffe came out in support of Muriel Bowser. It was interesting to hear him talk about her in a way that sounded completely different than what every past post on PoP has said. He also put his endorsement in print in a column in The Examiner from earlier this week.
    Just thought you’d like to know. . .

  • Just for the record it is every comment on PoP. I have remained neutral. But I will release my endorsement on Sunday or Monday for whatever its worth.

  • Who cares what Harry Jaffe says…he lives in ward 3 and can’t VOTE! He is kissing up to Fenty just as others are as well.I heard his lame speech, he didn’t even know her beofre 2 minutes ago.

  • well Prince I hope you consider that your endorsement doesn’t even have to be for who I am supporting but at least listen to all of the people who have responded and stated that Muriel Bowser has done nothing in her own area so why trust the entire ward to her? The fact that her own ANC is not supporting her, the fact that even the 1 lady who was defending her has said well???? The fact that she didn’t stand on her own 2 feet, the fact that she could have told Fenty endorse then step back, I’ll hire my own people to work for me, I will have my own fundraisiers….SHE DIDN’T. So these other candidates are not running against her they are running against Fenty. The fact that the post won’t print what they should be printing which is some of the same stuff you have received is not fair, the fact that we don’t know who could have been the front runners in this race had it been a fair one I mean in one post article the guy said he went to Muriel’s meet and greet because he needed to reach Fenty and he was going to be there. This was not a fair contest and if she really really wanted people to see that she can handle pressure and this race she would have told Fenty…Let me do some stuff

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