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Good takeout option, originally uploaded by Prince of Petworth.

For Christina: My girlfriend loves Dannie’s takeout. Granted she loves takeout chinese food more than anyone I’ve ever met, but I can vouch for it too. Good garlic chicken. Anyone have other favorite delivery places? More to come…but in the meantime you can check out the list on Petworth DC here. Just scroll down to the bottom and you’ll see a list of delivery places.

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  • erg. all i can say is I am crossing my fingers for a Thai restaurant that delivers to open in Columbia Heights. Or maybe the new pizza place at 11th & Park? our delivery choices are pretty depressing.

  • I’m very excited about the new pizza place called Red Rocks but I’m not sure it will deliever. But I’ve been noting its progress and it is really starting to take shape.

  • You have a girlfriend and she let’s your wear that ugly tie from a couple of weeks ago??? Shame shame.

  • Alright, I’ll post a photo of a better tie. You guys are tough.

  • You know what the worst thing about Petworth is? The Manny & Olga’s on 14th St.’s delivery radius basically goes to Georgia and NH but not beyond. I’ve fought this out with them so many times, and they have only conceded that they’d deliver to me if I spent $100.

    So for now, when it’s pizza night, I have to hop in the car and go pick it up.

    I’ve had horribly delivery experiences with both the Domino’s on Hawaii Ave. and the Pizza Bolis on 12th st. ne.

    Washington Pizza (on Randolph I think) is reliable and quick, but it ain’t no Manny & Olga’s.

  • She doesn’t choose his ties, or the rest of his clothes for that matter. . .

  • I don’t buy at Dannie’s b/c I want it to close down.
    Sorry PoP, but that Upshur strip needs to develop some real restaurants. Two Chinese food takeout shops directly across the street from each other is not cool.

  • We get delivery from Taqueria Distro Federal (I know I spelled that wrong), over on 14th near the old Giant.

  • Ok, ok, as the girlfriend in question–PoP picks out his own clothes–if you think the tie is questionable, you should see his plaid pants! But he has many other stellar qualities–LIKE SUPPORTING HIS LOCAL CHINESE TAKE OUT PLACE! Got that, J.Con? 🙂 Seriously–I’d love some real restaurants, but a good take out chicken with broccoli is not to be ignored!

  • Goodie’s on Georgia Avenue is really good

  • That Pizza Hut across from Petworth Library (I used to call it “Prison Pizza Hut”) is scary. I’ve never seen a PH with bulletproof glass.

  • Hey, thanks for these options!! It’s more than what I knew of before. And yeah, that Pizza Hut near Upshur kinda freaks me out.

    I don’t know if I recognize Dannie’s; I’ve probably driven/walked past it a dozen times and never noticed it.

  • Morgan’s Seafood, corner of Georgia Avenue and Kenyon St. Carry-out or call-in orders. Try the crabcake….

  • How far does Taqueria Distro Federal deliver? I’ve heard lots of good things about them.

  • I’m partial to George’s over Dannie’s, myself. For pizza, I play it safe and get Pizza Boli’s. I didn’t believe they would deliver from U Street but they do!

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