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A reader sparked my interest on this one. Does anyone ride the bus? I’ve always been a devoted metro rider but now that there is new express bus service on Georgia Ave. I find the idea intriguing. So tell me, do you ride the bus? Is it faster than metro? Do people stare at you and smell badly? Rumors I have heard. So tell me the truth, please.

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  • How far GA does the Express go?

  • I think one goes to Gallery place and one goes to Navy Archives.

  • why would people be any more likely to smell bad or stare at you on the bus than on the metro?

    i love the bus because, in my experience, the people are less rude than the metro, the bus is less crowded, and you are outside and can look out the window and (depending on the time of day) actually see some daylight. i know people’s experience varies depending on which buses you take. i just have always had good experiences.

    the downside is that the bus takes a lot longer than the metro. the bus is cheaper than the metro, obviously, which would be a huge plus except that i get my metrocheks free through work so i don’t have to pay for either the bus or the metro. so with cost out of the equation, the time issue means that i almost always take the metro when i can.

  • Those were things people had actually told me. But I added as a joke just to cause some static. I’m actually excited about trying out the new Georgia Ave. Express.

  • it’s so bumpy on the bus….i always feel sick after….i dislike having to stop on EVERY block, i feel like im never going to arrive….BUT, the Express is prob going to be better because it’s fewer stops…phew. the bus is def great public transportation, but i personally dont love it. prefer metro. the people are the same….there are smelly people on the metro too 🙁

  • i haven’t ridden it yet, but I know that the express is WAY faster.

    On the 70 buses, there are 54 stops between Silver Spring and Navy Mem/Archives. There are only 15 stops on the Express 79 in the same stretch, with only 7 stops between Petworth Metro and the end at Navy Mem. THAT will be much quicker.

    It only runs rush hour weekdays, though.

  • I miss the bus. . .

  • i ride the bus a lot. I prefer it to the subaway unless i’m going long distances.

    i’ve found that while i encounter way more people in need of a shower on the bus, but people actually talk to one another. i like that. In my experience, people.. at least adults.. tend to be much more polite to one another.

    and yeah, seeing daylight is nicer than being underground.

  • Agreed! I’ve been a devout rider of the Metro Extra bus ever since it’s debut. Daylight, talking people and shorter walks are my main reason. But fewer stops helped a lot!

    One thing is the name, they should name it Express instead of Extra (it goes on shorter route than 70 so why call it extra??) Stole this insight from a conversation on the bus.

  • I ride both the bus and subway. The only bummer for me is the bus does not allow you to have open baby strollers. They have to be folded up and the kid carried on. Usually fine for going downtown (becasue the kid is awake and all jacked up!) but trying to get the sleeping kid onto the bus for the return trip is trying. Also, the transfer is good for two hours so you can return home for free depending on your trip.

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