Remember 2 weeks ago

When it snowed like one inch. If memory serves I believe every street including the little side streets had a good one inch of salt deployed by trucks. And I remember this distinctly because there was so much salt that when all the snow melted there was still a good half inch of salt layering the streets, and you could taste it every time the wind picked up. Anyway except for the big roads we don’t seem to be as lucky this time. Maybe they were a bit over ambitious a couple of weeks ago and used up the salt stockpile? I don’t know. As they say in Burma “It just don’t make no sense.”

One Comment

  • Amen! I have off-street parking (yay!) but that means to get to the street I have to drive through a completely unplowed alley (boo!) and that snow/ice combo is as hard as a rock. And why were the main thoroughfares unplowed for so long? I’m talking about Upshur and 13th, not little back roads.

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