Holy cow that is a lot of lawn signs!

Washington Post is reporting in its print edition of the metro section that Muriel Bowser has raised $190,000 for her Ward 4 city council race. The next highest amount was reported to be $35,756 by candidate Michael Brown. Whew, that is a big difference. I suspect we are going to see lots more lawn signs and banners. I wonder if we’ll even see a tv commercial or two. Ward 4 is making it big time! Get ready to be deluged with many mailings is my guess.

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  • there were a handful of people holding up and waving muriel’s signs this morning on military and beach dr around 9am. it was freezing, but they had big smiles on their faces.

  • That sign waving scene isn’t likely to happen in her single member distict. She really doesn’t have a service record, just a title. We deserve someone who will actually do the work.

  • I know that’s right….if she were to win and then people she that fenty only endorsed her to be his puppet they will be asking for a recall quick. muriel bowser can’t add 2+2 let alone run a ward

  • Well it was pretty obvious from her response at the Lightfoot fundraiser, that Bowser pretty much signed onto Fenty’s DCPS plan sight-unseen. Just as he has had numerous of his staff serving as elected ANCs he has endorsed a candidate for council who will enforce his will, without analyzing and/or challenging any of his policies. And unfortunately many voters won’t care about merit. They will be swayed by Fenty’s endorsement, whatever the Washington Post is hyping, and Bowser’s substantial campaign fund, without doing much candidate research.

  • But truth be told…none of the funds she received are from ward 4 residents…fenty had a call center calling asking people to come to “his” event…then you get there and it was for m.bowser….not a good look…the residents of ward 4 will be sorry…she read from a piece of paper and didn’t do that well at all. Most developers WERE FORCED by fenty to contribute to her…none of them wanted to.

  • If they called me I would have hungup on them!

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