A little glide in my stride

Just another reason why I love living in Petworth: So I’m walking to the metro which I do every morning and have done for the past 4 years when I pass a gentleman in front of his rowhouse. Nothing unusual here, he lives a few blocks away so we don’t know each other but we do say hi. He is probably about 70 years old and this morning he says to me “hey, you walking a little stiff, you need to put some glide in your stride.” My God, how beautiful is that? So I’ve been putting some glide in my stride all day and hope you all do the same.

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  • The question is, why were walking stiff? I think since the change in your walking procedures, i.e. sans ipod, you lost your walking groove. I guess you’ll just have to start whistling . . .

  • another tip….

    don’t sit on the cold concrete
    it will give you “the piles”

    or so I have been told

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