Washington, DC

Thanks to Kate for sending from Tenleytown/AU Park: “Over 1 1/2 pounds of berries from our June Berry tree! Even after welcoming neighbors to snack anytime for these last two weeks.

Most years the birds pick nearly every single berry & we only get a few. That’s ok, they have babies to raise & all that. But this year, they are too busy with cicadas to swoop up the berries. Cobbler, jam, chutney, yum!”

And thanks to Abby (& Chewy) for sending: “Great garden haul from Park View. I downsized from a full garden this year to a few pots on my shady deck. The snow pea yield may not be large, but it is sweet.”

As the season progresses please send your great garden hauls via email to [email protected] with Garden Haul in the subject line and let me know what you’ve grown and what neighborhood you are in. Cheers, thanks and happy gardening! Great Garden Haul is made possible, ironically, by the Friends of the White Whale Society.


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