Washington, DC

If you have a photo of a neat find from your house or place of work please send an email to princeofpetworth(at)gmail.com thanks. Please let me know where/what neighborhood you found it in too. Thanks.

Thanks to Dan for sharing this awesome find:

“Found this in my garden while preparing my plots for the planting season near U Street. It was very green and rusted at first, but after cleaning it up it appears to be a brass button of some sort.

So, I did some online digging (pun intended) and it turns out that this is a US Naval Officers formal attire button from before 1939.

Here’s a link to a similar piece.

I know it’s pre-WW2 because i read that in 1940 the button’s design was changed so that the eagle’s head now faces the other direction. This checks out, since my home was built in 1895 according to my landlord. Pretty cool find!”


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