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14th and S Street, NW photo by angela n.

From an email:

“There’s something new and exciting coming to the corner of 14th Street and S Street, NW. Aslin Filling Station, a beer garden designed with the best interests of the local community in mind. Aslin Beer Company and local design firm //3877 are working in tandem on a beer garden concept that, upon opening, will be a family-friendly and well-maintained destination within the bustling, beautiful neighborhood.”

Rendering Credit: //3877

This space was originally slated to be a beer garden from Dacha. A lot more info about the plans from the email:

Rendering Credit: //3877

What will the hours of operation be? This is still to be decided and will fluctuate depending on the season, day, and business demands. However, we do not plan to ever stay open past 12 AM and will likely only be open to 11 PM on Fridays and Saturdays. On Sunday, we will be open until 9 PM and Mondays through Thursdays will likely only be open until 10 PM.

Will there be live music? There will be no live music.

What types of beverages will be served? Draft beer, as well as bottles and cans.

What changes are happening to the property? The property and building will remain largely intact. A seven-foot fence will be constructed around the property with areas of openness along high traffic, public areas close to 14th Street. Gates will be included for guest entrance/exit. A pergola will be constructed at the south side of the property adjacent to the existing building, and will hold string lights and fabric shading elements. The walk-in cooler will be installed in the location of the current cooler along the alley and a garbage enclosure will also be built along the alley.

What changes are happening to the building? The building will remain as is with only interior renovations occurring. The exterior will be repaired and painted. The interior will be modified to have a bar in the existing service bays, additional bathrooms, and a small merchandise / beers to-go sales area. We are looking to celebrate the existing service station and use that as a design concept.

What will be the capacity for the building and beer garden? There is a total capacity of 300 guests for interior and exterior space.

Where will guests enter? The main entrance will be along 14th Street, adjacent to the other neighboring outdoor dining vendors. A secondary entrance/exit is along S Street just to the west of 14th Street and will be used predominantly for egress. An egress at the rear will be used for employees to access the garbage enclosure and will ONLY be used by guests for emergency egress.

What type[s] of seating will the beer garden have? The open space will have a mixture of picnic tables and Adirondack-type chairs for a relaxed, open environment.

Will there be food and a kitchen? There will not be a kitchen on the property. A food truck will be parked on the property on an almost-permanent basis offering food to guests of the beer garden as well as other neighbors looking for a to-go food option.

How will noise be contained? The area of fencing that faces the homes along S Street will be predominantly closed to mitigate sound from entering the neighborhood as much as possible.

Will the parking surface remain? We are exploring removing or modifying the parking surface and incorporating an ADA compliant surface with gravel / grasses to enhance the guest experience. We would like to repair the paving outside of the fence at the existing curb cuts to enhance their appearance and reduce opportunities for tripping hazards.”

STAY TUNED for updates as they get closer to opening.


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