Washington, DC

“Dear PoPville,

There’s a section of the Anacostia Riverwalk Trail that goes through Navy Yard SE, where there is a large boardwalk section. I’ve taken several walks along this route and seen many mopeds and motorcycles being driven full speed over the boardwalk pedestrian bridge there in full daylight in the afternoon. Today (Monday) two at once drove over it, then turned around and came back, while there were A LOT of pedestrians walking. There were elderly couples, people with strollers, people with wobbly toddlers, vet techs taking day-boarded dogs for walks, and everyone scrambled to avoid being hit and the poor dogs were terrified.

About a year ago the vertical guard poles in place at either end of the bridge were knocked away, and it seems it has opened it up to this kind of recklessness. I don’t get it – it doesn’t get you anywhere faster going this route, and it seems like someone shouldn’t have to be hit before *someone* figures out a way to fix this. Not to mention, I’m sure the bridge isn’t built with the structural integrity to withstand the weight of motorcycles as several nails have popped up from warped boards. Problem is, who do you go to with something like this? It probably isn’t a priority, but it shook me up today seeing pets and kids so scared.”


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