Washington, DC

Photo by Rafa Aremu

“Dear PoPville,

Him, tall with orange and purple pedialyte, Korbel, and bread in the Safeway checkout line (Adams Morgan)–for him and his roommate as they were getting lit in their living room. He owned the fact the pedialyte was for the hangover/pre-emptive. Me–standard racially ambiguous girl with tie dye disposable mask with smuckers’ frozen sandwiches, pesto, and frozen dumplings.

I believe his name is Parker(?) it was definitely not like “John” and he was wearing a case western university sweatshirt and we spoke briefly while exiting about how I got bit by a dog recently (womp). Anyways, please help because he was cute and I would have slid in his DM’s.”

Ed. Note: If this is you, please email [email protected] so I can put you in touch with OP. For those curious about passed missed connections, some have been made and when possible I’ll try to update when/if more are made.


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