Washington, DC

1550 7th Street, NW

From La Jambe:

“We have made the very difficult decision to put on pause our Shaw location and do like lots of other restaurants, hibernating for a few months.

We have made it this far thanks to your continuous support but unfortunately between the higher risk of infection, the colder weather, and new restrictions in place, it is becoming almost impossible for us to stay open at this point.

We will keep our Shaw location open until Sunday, December 20th, so you can stop by, say goodbye and support our lovely team.

After that, you will still be able to order takeout or delivery of your favorite cheese, charcuterie and wines through our Union Market location which will remain open..

And we will be back. Because La Jambe is not only a business, it is a community, and a place where both staff and guests feel at home.

And believe me, I am not ready to give up on it

Stay safe, stay kind and keep on supporting small businesses, they need you more than ever

We’ll miss you


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