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“Dear PoPville,

I was wondering if you or anyone in the community knows what happened to BYNDfit that was supposed to open in Chinatown in March but obviously was delayed due to COVID. Their social media is dark but was curious if they are still in business or ever planning to open. They have a prime location and it was supposed to be super cool.”

Ed. Note: Given the current phase two status they very well could just be waiting until things improve.

Update from BYNDfit:

“The BYNDfit team delayed our launch indefinitely in March when the pandemic began its first surge in the region, while also remaining watchful to all COVID-related updates from the Mayor’s office. We’ve always been hopeful that the scientific community would be able to create a vaccine at a record pace, and it turns out our faith was well placed in these heroes. With light at the end of the tunnel, we would be foolish to jeopardize anybody’s health (either that of our members or staff) in an effort to rush our grand opening.

We’ve always prioritized health and safety above all else and will continue to have this be our guiding ethos during this time.

We can’t give an exact date of when we will open our doors, but our plans are steadfast to launch BYNDfit sometime in 2021 and we hope (like the rest of the world is hoping) the future will be brighter for everyone with regards to COVID.

All the best,
The BYNDfit Team”


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