Washington, DC

Thanks to Nicole for passing on this GoFundMe:

“I met Barbara M. at my Free Food Pantry in Brookland NE, Washington, DC.

She was so over joyed to find that there’s a Free Food Pantry in her neighborhood that she started to tear up. I told her she can help her self and take whatever she needs.

She broke down and told me her story. I asked for her permission to do a recording so I can share and see if we can come together as a community to help Barbara from becoming homeless.

Barbara is 58 years old and lives in the Brookland neighborhood of DC. She paid off her 30 year mortgage and due to Covid and other road bumps, she is no longer able to pay her condo fees.

She does not qualify for unemployment or any rental assistance (since she’s a homeowner). She talks more about her situation and details in the video.

I am not sure if the city or condo can legally evict her from a condo she owns simply because she can’t pay her condo fees. If anyone with legal knowledge can help, please contact me.

Barbara does not know I’m setting up this GoFundMe for her. I would like to be able to help her wipe out her late condo fee debt of $10,455 plus help her with one year worth of condo fees of $450/month.

$10,455+$5400 (450/mo x 12) = $15,855.

Barbara has no family left on this planet. Her brother passed away due to Covid in April 2020.

I told Barbara that I can’t promise I can do anything, but I do promise to do whatever I have in my power to help her from becoming homeless.”


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