Washington, DC

via Walters (10 N Street, SE)

From an email:

“Jeremy Gifford and Chef Ryan McGill go way back. 9 years ago Gifford recruited McGill to leave fine dinning and focus on the neighborhood bar (DC Reynolds) that was only known for its #BOGO happy hour. “I knew if we were going to make it we had to have great food”. McGill had cut his teeth at more fine dining establishment around town but was looking for a change of pace. Most important he lived in the neighborhood. “We had a great underrated food program for years” says Gifford, currently focused on his huge sports bar adjacent to Nationals Park.

“Walters kitchen is way bigger than we need right now with no sports” which triggered his idea to reach out to McGill for his help launching SouthEats Breakfast Shop. Launching Tuesday from 8am-11am Monday-Friday the Navy Yard restaurant will offer breakfast sandwiches, fresh fruit parfait, tacos, and coffee to go (Gifford is looking for a local roaster to partner with).

“Every morning I wave at folks on their way to work, dropping their dog off at District Dogs, or getting their cardio on at BoomBox. We figured we’d join the early risers and offer something currently unavailable this early in this part of SouthEast.” You can see their menu at Waltersdc.com, and will be available via Grubhub and Ubereats starting Tuesday.”


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