Washington, DC

1914 by Kolben, or “Muoi Chin Muoi Bon” in Vietnamese, is a new destination for any Washington, D.C. natives and visitors alike who are curious about the taste of Northern Vietnamese cuisine located in the heart of Shaw — the interior conceptualizes the train-street theme that was once popular in Ha Noi the capital of Vietnam.

At every stop, the passengers had access to many snacks and drinks offered by the train-street vendors. Similarly, 1914 offers diners a unique experience with an array of quick snacks, simple decors and an authentic street feel.

Our focus revolves around the other dishes that we feel, are not as well-known as the ever popular pho (although we do offer our own version of chicken pho). Some of the signature items include: Broken rice with BBQ pork, sticky rice with shredded chicken, and the famous Bun Cha Ha Noi that Obama and Anthony Bourdain had together during their travel to Vietnam.

Proudly brewed from Vietnam-sourced coffee beans and tea leaves, 1914 also offers an extensive drink menu which features the must-have Vietnamese Coffee along with a few customers’ favorites, including the refreshing Lychee O-long Tea and the rich, creamy Egg Cocoa aka Cacao Sua Trung in Vietnamese.

Come by and visit 1914, where you will experience a capital, inside the capital, while we take you on an unforgettable culinary culture of Northern Vietnamese Cuisine.

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