Washington, DC

Local home renovation startup remodelmate has figured out how to get you a new bathroom from at least 6 feet away. The app that lets homeowners “Push a button, get a bathroom” has a special offer during this unique time.

How it Works

1Build Your Bathroom Online: Answer two questions about your project — where and what — then get final pricing instantly. No telephone tag with contractors or meetings at your home, just to get a price.

2. Work With Your Concierge: Your project Concierge will send you a link to do a 3D scan of your bathroom with your smartphone — remodelmate automatically gets your scan when you’re done and they use it to help you get plans, permits and materials for your new bathroom.

3. Book Now, Build Later: For $100 you can lock in their lowest prices ever (up to $2,000 off) and defer installation for up to one year.

One problem, I’m Currently in my Home 24/7 

Not a problem! remodelmate is paying for your WhyHotel — a luxury, fully-furnished apartment with high-speed internet so you (and your family) can take a mini stay-cation, and still get stuff done without construction noises interrupting your Zoom calls.

Prefer to Wait? 

No sweat — we’ll honor your promo pricing for up to one year as long as you book before June 20, 2020.

Here’s what Marc M. had to say about his recent remodelmate experience:

“This is a stressful time. Remodelmate did everything to make it as stress-less as possible. We could not be happier with the project.”

Start here by getting a final quote in two minutes.


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