Washington, DC

Thanks to Dan for sending: “Park View cherry picking season in full swing. Bowl on left from 2 days ago (after eating lots/giving a bunch away). Bowl on right from this evening.”

Please email your awesomeness to [email protected] and let me know where you found it.

Much more awesomeness:

Thanks to Herb for sending: “A T-Rex showed up Sunday near U St to wish a little girl Happy Birthday.”

Thanks to Craig for sending from Capitol Hill.

Thanks to Trish for sending: “This very tiny fellow was curled up for a nap last Saturday morning around 5:45-a mere three inches from the sidewalk on Massachusetts Ave and 35th NW. His mom was enjoying breakfast nearby and didn’t seem to mind that I was taking a picture. For the record, I resisted scooping him up for a cuddle. Life continues!!”

Thanks to Mat for sending a mother lode of last Christmas trees in Glover Park.

Thanks to Marissa for sending: “Spotted on my patio wall in Bellevue.”


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