Washington, DC

From Ice Cream Jubilee:

“Ice Cream Jubilee is celebrating May, Asian American Heritage Month, with an assortment of Asian American inspired flavors, available for nationwide shipping, local delivery, and in-store pick up. With every 5-pint package of ice cream purchased, Ice Cream Jubilee will make a donation to nonprofits dedicated to combating the rise in Anti-Asian hate that has spiked since the Coronavirus crisis.

“I’m thrilled to embrace the flavors and experiences that reflect my Asian American heritage and celebrate them as ice cream flavors – the ultimate American treat,” said Ice Cream Jubilee founder Victoria Lai. “Growing up in Texas, dessert flavors like red bean and barley were considered odd to my childhood peers, but now this diversity helps us make more unique flavors of ice cream.”

“Since the coronavirus outbreak there has been a spike in anti-Asian hostility across the United States, fueled by xenophobia, racism, and misinformation. I am doing what I can, even as a small ice cream shop, to highlight the wrongs that we can correct together, to encourage the diversity that makes America strong, and to support solutions that will heal our country.” We are supporting the non-profit organization Asian Americans Advancing Justice and their programs to document incidents of anti-Asian hostility and training intervention methods that bystanders can use to stand up against hate.

The Asian American Inspirations ice cream package contains the following four dairy ice creams and one vegan sorbet, all hand made in Washington, DC. Nationwide shipping on dry ice is available at http://bit.ly/jubileeship or http://www.goldbelly.com/ice-cream-jubilee.com through our shipping partner, Goldbelly and for local delivery at www.icecreamjubilee.com (order by Tuesday for home delivery inside the Beltway on Thursday).

* Red Bean Almond Cookie – sweet red beans and crunchy almond cookies are mixed in a sweet almond ice cream (contains nuts, gluten, dairy)

* Roasted Barley Tea – Inspired by Korean and Japanese boricha barley tea, this deeply rich flavor has a nutty overtones that are reminiscent of sugar smacks cereal milk.

* Matcha Green Tea – The health benefits of ground green tea leaves are well documented, but we love the bright color and smoky flavor of this classic Asian ice cream, which is enhanced with our super-premium cream.

* Thai Iced Tea – The strong flavor of bright orange Thai tea leaves and sweet cream makes this ice cream taste just like the Southeast Asian drink.

* Coconut Lychee Lime (vegan) – Rich coconut milk and delicate lychee fruit come together in a creamy, tropical non-dairy sorbet.”



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