Washington, DC

For many, the impulse to join a carpool is quickly squashed by various “what ifs.”

What if our driver needs to stay late? What if there’s a family emergency? What if our driver is suddenly ill?

Consequently, the would-be carpooler imagines they would be late picking up kids at school and day care; late for dinner at home; late for post-work club meetings; late for fitness trainer appointments; late for everything people count on us for once the work day is done.

Valid reasons all, but Commuter Connections has the answer: Commuter Connections members have a free ride home four times a year when their regular carpool or vanpool driver has to cancel. That’s four times a year the Guaranteed Ride Home program rescues the commuter and gets them to where they are going.

Not only does Commuter Connections’ Guaranteed Ride Home negate many of those “what ifs” four times a year, the nonprofit will even find you a compatible carpool for you to join.

What are other benefits of the program? Members gain, above all else, peace-of-mind, and it’s a free program designed to encourage ridesharing, which is what Commuter Connections is all about. Ridesharing saves money, reduces stress, lowers traffic volume and shrinks the size of carbon footprints all around the region. (Some restrictions on the Guaranteed Ride Home program apply; see the website for details.)

New members can sign up for the program here.

Commuter Connections, the regional network of transportation organizations coordinated by the Metropolitan Washington Council of Governments, offers free services and programs that help employees and employers throughout the region find the most cost-effective, convenient, and safe commutes. Information on ridematching, public transit, HOV lane restrictions, park-and-ride lots, bicycling and teleworking are among the services Commuter Connections has been promoting since its founding in 1974.


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