Washington, DC

2nd floor of 18th and Wyoming Ave, NW in the former JRINK/Skynear space

Thanks to Paige and Alex for sending: “Japanese style cold brew place opening in Adams Morgan!”

Harpeth Swill’s Instagram says:

“Gay owned and operated DC based Fairtrade Japanese Style Cold Brew. Environmentally and socially aware. No plastics used in our processing/packaging”

Their website says:

“The Harpeth River runs through the town of Kingston Springs, TN and provided many memories of happiness and fun for owner and founder, Jeffery Garrison, Jr. The name Harpeth will be associated with happy memories and tasteful coffees with everyone who tries it.

Swill, in the south, is another word for backyard liquor or hooch. Just like the your mama’s or uncle’s “special drink” from younger days, our swill will be all the talk of the neighborhood.

We brew Japanese style cold brew coffee for a less acidic, yet more caffeinated coffee. Just like a good Tennessee accent, we drawl out the brew time for over 12 hours per gallon. We add just enough water to make 1 gallon of cold brew, with no unnecessary extra water for a fuller flavor end product.

Our beans are sourced from Ethiopia and Colombia through Fair Trade Standards and are certified organic. We use medium roast for a full bold flavor with a finish of sweetness.”


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