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How Much Would You Like to Get Paid to Rideshare? How Does $200 Sound?

How much do you get paid to rideshare?

Chances are very good that you said “nothing” because unless you’re lucky enough to have your employer pay for it, commuting costs the average worker a sizable amount each month. Have you ever really looked at the true cost of drive alone commuting?  Besides the obvious fuel expenses are the hidden wear and tear and mileage depreciation costs of driving alone to and from work; not to mention possible tolls and parking.

Not only is carpooling/vanpooling far more affordable than driving alone, Commuter Connections will actually pay you to do so. To find out the true cost of commuting alone by car, visit Commuter Connections’ Cost of Commuting Calculator.

But there is a way for you, as well as your new carpool partners, to earn money for commuting together a minimum of just two days a week. Commuter Connections’ “Pool Rewards” program pays up to a $130* subsidy to those who start and join new carpools. That figure goes up to $200* for new vanpools with seven to 15 commuter occupants, including the driver.

The ‘Pool Rewards program is intended to encourage those who presently drive alone to begin carpooling and vanpooling to relieve traffic congestion, reduce air pollution, reduce stress, reduce the personal cost of getting to and from work, and to save riders an average 24 minutes one-way in their commute thanks to HOV/Express Lanes relief.

For more information about starting a carpool or vanpool — and be advised that you don’t have to own a van to start a vanpool; Commuter Connections can help make arrangements for that too — see the website here. The program is free.

And to add up the cost of your present commute, check out the commuting cost calculator linked above.

*Some restrictions apply

Commuter Connections is a regional network of transportation organizations coordinated by the Metropolitan Washington Council of Governments that are united in helping improve the region’s traffic. See Commuter Connections’ website here. Commuter Connections offers free services and programs that help employees and employers throughout the region find the most cost-effective, convenient and safe commutes. Direct  ridematching, commuter incentive programs, information on  public transit, HOV/Express lane restrictions, park-and-ride lots, bicycling, and teleworking are among the services Commuter Connections has been promoting since its founding in 1974.

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