Washington, DC

The National Law Enforcement Museum at Judiciary Square boosts its reputation as an interactive shrine to crime and crime-solving by turning the entire 57,000-square-foot exhibit space into a crime scene — and turning visitors into detectives! If the amateur sleuths are good enough, they could win a $25,000 “reward.”

From now until October 6, visitors to the museum are invited to look for clues among the 800 artifacts and 100 interactive displays to discover the identities of the Queen of Diamonds’ gang of art thieves. Visitors will receive a “case file” with important information on the gang and its nefarious history.

The newly deputized “detectives” are invited to uncover the names of the five-member crew of outlaws by solving a series of puzzles embedded throughout the museum’s exhibits. If the amateur sleuths are good enough, they could win a “reward.” Successful sleuths will have their names submitted for a drawing for $25,000 in prize money.

Tickets are available now!

For complete rules and more information, visit crimesuncased.com. Follow along on Facebook or tweet @NLEMuseum.

The National Law Enforcement Museum is at 444 E Street, NW, in the Motorola Solutions Foundation building. Call 202-737-3400, email at [email protected], or see the website here.


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