Washington, DC

Update from Events DC:

“We have heard the concerns from the community and will make arrangements to install water fountains in the facility this fall. Upon request, guests may receive complimentary 5oz cups of water at each concession stand.”

“Dear PoPville,

We went to a Mystics game in their new home at the waiting-for-a-named-sponsor Entertainment and Sports Arena. It was a great game, with the Mystics scoring 107 points and a record-setting 18 three-pointers. While I enjoyed the cozier feel on the new stadium, I was shocked when I went to look for a water fountain and was told that there were none.

I have never been in a sports arena or any public facility that had no water fountains for visitors. In addition, ticket holders are told they cannot bring water bottles in to the venue, not even empty ones (which makes sense I guess given that there is no way to fill them except from the bathroom sinks, but apparently they want to forbid even that). The only way to access water is the purchase it. This seems really unacceptable and totally not fan- or family- friendly.

Am I expecting too much to think any venue, especially a brand new ones, should have free water available?”


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