Washington, DC

2450 Market Street, NE

Thanks to Carlos for sending:

Mecho’s Dominican Kitchen opened yesterday, Sunday afternoon.

Within 45 minutes it was standing room only inside with air conditioning. Thankfully there were seats and tables outside.

I was one of the first customers in 1995 when Los Hermanos opened up in Columbia Heights on Park Road and 14th Street, NW.

And I was the very first customer with their second restaurant, Mecho’s Dominican Kitchen opened Sunday at 2450 Market Street, N.E., in the Shops at Dakota Crossing across from Costco.

What I love about these eateries is that it’s not fast food, quite the opposite in fact:

The Guisados (meat and Caribbean root vegetable stews) take hours to prepare and simmer, done right.

It is very laborious and time-consuming to prepare Mofongo, and to do it right.

–That’s what keeps us all coming back for more very nutritious and easy-to-digest food.

And at $10 for a full meal, very affordable for Washington, D.C. with Dominican-large portions, too, often two can eat.

The menu is relatively short, but inclusive of Dominican-creole favorites and easy to choose from à-la-carte.

Pictured below, I had the savory Sancocho for a satisfying Sunday supper delight as I did in 1995 with the same consistent delicious recipe not lost in 25 years.”


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