Washington, DC

2427 18th Street, NW

“Dear PoPville,

We wandered into Seasons and Sessions Sunday night and ended up having the greatest experience. I haven’t been in since it reopened, and we had such a great time that I want to make sure more people give these guys some business. We hung out on the second floor, and had great service from the bartender (Bruno), but especially from the chef, Mo.

The super bowl was on the TV, but the second floor was completely empty. Since it was a slow night, and Mo took advantage of it by going above and beyond – coming out and talking with us, letting us taste some of the dishes he’s really excited about, and overall being a really great host. The food was delicious, and way better quality than similar bars in the neighborhood. It’s good upscale bar food – not too fancy or overpriced, but also good quality and more creative than the usual fare. The crab stuffed portabella mushroom was especially good.

On top of the food and service, they have a free-to-play arcade on the third floor that’s open every Friday and Saturday (and some other nights too I think).

Anyway, just wanted to give these guys a shout and make sure they get the attention and business they deserve.”


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